Sunday, August 19, 2007

Finance for a small business starting up

One of the major challenges for entrepeneurs is to find finance for a small business starting up.

Different geographical loctions have different legislation governing them, but there are some essential basics that can always be applied.

In this blog we aim to bring you a stream of info and important applications and advice that you can apply in your life and business growth.

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To find finance for a small business starting up, I strongly recommend that you view the links to crashproof your business which can be found on this page.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

What happened to me when I lost it all !

In 1999 as a result of bad business decisions I lost both my business as well as my personal effects - I was really taken to the cleaners.

It took me 7 years to rebuild my life in a corporate environment, only to be retrenched in 2006 !

A friend introduced me to the Business Warrior community, where I had FREE access to the Crashproof your Business course, as well as an amazing support system in terms of small business owners, many of them who had similar experiences and financial disasters.

The founding member, Peter Carruthers, had experienced an even worse scenario, and I have given a brief mention of that in the preceding post. Read all about it by clicking HERE.

Apart from the fellowship, encouragement and support, I had access to amazing resources, new business ideas and contacts all of which contributed to me surviving the onslaught against my finances and personal life.

IF ONLY I HAD THESE RESOURCES AND KNOWLEDGE 6 MONTHS AGO, I believe my life would have been a lot different today ! However, it is never too late, and I started implementing the strategies contained in the book "Crashproof your Business". So far :

- I have succeeded in securing my personal assets,
- Succeeded in procuring brand new startup finance for my future business endeavours
- Obtained a wealth of financial intelligence, and much much more !

I will post an updated series of events on this blog as the future unfolds, so please bookmark, subscribe to the feed, and keep on coming back to see what YOU can learn to successfully PROTECT your assets and personal life.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

In 1992 I closed my business, and lost everything. And then I lost a whole bunch of stuff that I didn't have -- mostly because I signed some sureties that I shouldn't have. And when things began to go wrong these sureties stretched into places that I would not have dreamed of. I spent the next three years talking to other business owners, trying to find out what they were doing to protect themselves. Only to find out that they were doing exactly what I had been doing -- nothing.

There is a single book that details - in simple, easy-to-read English - EXACTLY what you can do in South Africa to guarantee that no matter what happens to your business, you and your family will not only survive -- but prosper.

- Peter Carruthers

CLICK HERE to find out more !